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Academic lectures and courses will be offered for the bachelor curriculum in Technical Chemistry, as well master curricula in Technical ChemistryBiomedical Engineering, Chemical and Process Engineering, Chemie und Technologie der Materialien, and Materials Sciences. Lectures and courses are also offered in the Doctoral programme in Natural Sciences Technical Chemistry.

The lecture topics involve all divisions of the institute:

  • Chemical Technologies of metallic and non-metallic materials, in particular steels, ceramics, hard metals, recycling as well as fundamentals of material science.
  • Technical Electrochemistry including the electrochemical energy conversion, plating as well as the physical-chemically and scientifically basics for materials and their applications in functional materials
  • Structural Chemistry, Mineralogy, Solid State Chemistry, X-ray Crystallography und Structure Analysis
  • Instrumental Analytics involve the basics in Analytical Chemistry up to highly specialized techniques and their practically applications
  • Basic course of qualitative Analytical Chemistry, special courses in Atmospheric Chemistry, Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Gas Analysis, Technology and Climate,
  • Process Analytics, Vibrational Spectroscopy, Biosensors and Bio-Process Analytics, Lab on a Chip, Applied Vibration Spectroscopy,
  • Biostatistics, Chemometrics, Evaluation of Multivariate Data

All lectures, laboratory exercises and courses for our institute can be found via TISS.

Please note that most of the lectures are given in German. In addition, the institute offers a collection of electronic books (called "TU Studienbibliothek") which can be accessed here.