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A brief history of the institute

The Institute of "Chemical Technologies and Analytics" in its actual organisational structure was established on January 1st 2002 by the integration of four former independant institutes namely the institutes of "Analytical Chemistry-E151", "Chemical Technology of Inorganic Materials-E161", "Technical Electrochemistry and Solid-state Chemistry-E158" and "Mineralogy, Crystallography and Structural Chemistry-E171".

The first head of the institute was Ao.Prof. Dr. Hans Puxbaum from 2002-2003.
Prof. Dr. Herbert Danninger from 2003 thru 2011.
From October 2011 up to now the institute is represented by Prof. Dr. G√ľnter Allmaier.

Prof. Danninger is now Dean of the Faculty of Technical Chemistry.

The detailed history of the former "Institute of Chemical Technology of Inorganic Materials", "Institute of Analytical Chemistry", "Institute of Technical Electrochemistry" and the "Institute of Mineralogy, Crystallography and applied Petrography" is mainly based on the anniversary volume "150 Jahre Technische Hochschule in Wien, 1815-1965" (Springer Verlag Wien, New York, 1965) (in German).