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Head of Division:
Univ. Prof. Dr. Bernhard LENDL

Tel. +43/1/58801-15140

Research Division "Environmental Analytics, Process Analytics and Sensors"

The competence of the Division covers topics of atmospheric chemistry, such as the chemical characterization of particulate matter or field measurements in urban and background regions, the development of chemical sensors, as well as the methodic development and application of vibration spectroscopy and the development of electronic media for teaching.

Main Research Topics

  • Determining the sources of the atmopheric aerosol by combining new analytical methods and tracer models on the National and European scale
  • Investigating the impacts of wood smoke on atmospheric pollution.
  • Developing methods for determining carbonaceous aerosols (soot, organic carbon, macro molecular organic constituents)
  • Investigating the atmospheric pollution in Alpine environments
  • Development of chemical sensors based on mid-IR quantum cascade lasers for gases and liquids
  • Development of on- and in-line measurement strategies for microorganism monitoring in fermentations using mid-IR and Raman spectroscopy.
  • Fast time resolved FTIR spectroscopy of (bio)chemical reactions using lab-on-a-chip technology
  • Vibrational spectroscopic detection in capillary electrophoresis (CZE, MEKC,..) and automated flow systems
  • Developing Electronic Media for teaching

Research Groups