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DI Benedikt Engel

Benedikt already did his bachelor thesis at our institute, performing MALDI mass spectrometry. In 2012 he started his master in Biotechnology and Bioanalytics and and finished his master thesis in cooperation with EUCODIS Bioscience, performing different analysis using GC-MS, LC-MS and MALDI-TOF/(TOF)-MS in order to identify the products of enzyme-substrate reactions and to quantify the used enzymes which are produced by EUCODIS Bioscience.

In 2014 Benedikt continued his education in our group - now as a PhD student. His interests are still focussing on small molecules, quantified by GC-MS/MS or LC-MS/MS. The triple qadrupole technology plays a crucial role in his research. Metabolomics is therefore one of his main foci. Yet in 2016 he started also to analyse tick cement and its chemical composition. Tick cement with its adhesive properties is still largely unexplored in the area of biological biomaterials and the established analytical platform will allow to gain information on protein, carbohydrate and lipid concentrations. Tick saliva is of interest as potential source for novel pharmacological (e.g. anticoagulant) agents that could be useful for clinical practice.