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Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Multimodal Imaging

Analyst 2018; 143, 2587-95


Multimodal imaging of µXRF and MALDI-MSI information from 1 section of undecalcified tissue. Bone material is visualized by Ca and P distributions measured by XRF, molecular information is collected by MALDI-MSI (lipids).

Analytical Chemistry, 2018; 90(15): 8831-37


positive and negative mode MALDI MSI and LA-ICP-MS data collected from the same tissue sample are correlated and statistically evaluated by ImageLab

Particle Fibre Toxicology, 2018; 15: 31


Correlation of Fluorescence microscopy, MALDI-MSI and LA-ICP-MS of FITC-labelled Si nanoparicles accumulating in particular regions of the lung after inhalation


Microbial Interactions

Proteomics 2016; 16 (11-12), 1742

Interacting T.atroviride and R.solani hyphae. (A) Light microscopic image. (B) Molecular distributions of selected secondary metabolites localized by MALDI MSI. (C) T.atroviride specific metabolites. (D) R.solani specific metabolites. (E) Profile mass spectrum. 



In Tissue Localization of Immune Cells

submitted to Journal of Proteome Research

Visualizing the spatial distribution of immune cells in colon tissue  




Biomedical Engineering

Analyst 2015;140(17):6089-99
Acta Biomaterialia 2015;11:104-13

Light microscopy images of ePTFE graft material (10 min in vivo) and aorta tissue shown with corresponding MALDI images of the adsoprtion of selected peptides and proteins on the graft material. 





Biological Variations

Mol Cell Proteomics 2008; 7(1):193-203

Typical 2DE images for pI ranges 4–7 and 6–9 of the blood platelet proteome




Proteome of tolerance fine-tuning in a human pathogen 

Journal of Proteomics 2015;128:39-57






Erythropoietin Characterization 

Rapid Commun Mass Spectrom 2005;19(5):728-42 (Journal Award for best paper over the previous two calendar years)
J Sep Sci 2005;28(14):1764-78

O-glycoforms of rhEPOs detected by MALDI-MS (a) PNGaseF and sialidase treatment and (b) only PNGAseF treatment of EPO-a; (c) PNGaseF treatment after reduction and alkylation of NESP and (d) PNGaseF treatment of native NESP