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*) PhD Position - MALDI‐TOF MS biotyping to Predict Bioprocess Outcomes

Development of a High Throughput Platform for Fast and Reliable Prediction of Fermentation Process Outcomes 


MALDI Biotyping has been successfully established as an efficient tool for microbiological classification, either of specific host cell system strands or even on the level of expression quality determination. In combination with conventional bioanalytical approaches, the provided technique is capable of efficiently increasing process quality determination and optimization. The possibility to completely automate the analytical technique from sample preparation to data analysis consequently reduces the requirements for high level trained operators. 

Strong collaborations and interactions with Boehringer Ingelheim gives you the possibility to experience industry‐relevant research. You will be working in an intersisciplinary research enviroment and adequately paid.

start: any time April 2019
funding: monthly salary on a 30h/week basis

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*) Master Thesis - MALDI-TOF MS Imaging to study the structure of the endothelial glycocalix layer after treatment

Be A Frontrunner In Innovative Analytical Chemistry

The glycocalix naturally protects the endothelium. However it can degrade during fluid resuscitation, a common practice during
first-line treatment for septic shock.

Collaborators: S. Bahrami and H. Redl (Ludwig Boltzmann Institute)

start: any time, ideally summer 2016 funding available

funding: monthly salary


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