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Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Synapt HDMS G2

The Synapt HDMS is a high resolution mass spectrometer equipped with a nanoESI, a MALDI and a DESI source. Built as a Q-TOF, the device enables monoisotopic resolution over a mass range from small molecules to high molecular weight analytes (e.g. proteins) by accurate mass measurement. 

Furthermore the possibility of ion mobility separation leads to structural information of the analyte. Within this process ions are separated based on their shape (lipid vs. peptide with same m/z). 




The Ultraflex is a MALDI-TOF/TOF device, equipped with a 2000 Hz smartbeam laser, enabling high speed data  acquisition. The high mass resolution over a very broad mass range in combination with a high mass accuracy  facilitates very flexible analytical approaches. Furthermore laser diameter focuses down to 10 µm spatial resolution are possible, without loosing spectral quality and signal intensity.


ChIP 1000

The chemical inkjet printer is widely used for matrix and enzyme application in a very precise manner supporting imaging mass spectrometry. Using piezoacoustic controls, droplets within a picoliter volume range are applied on a pre-defined array.  The high process accuracy and reproducibility enable analyte localization preservation and easy allocation using the x-y-coordinate information. Combined with the ion intensity information obtained in the MALDI-MS experiment the ChIP supports and simplifies the generation of surface information investigated in imaging mass spectrometry. Furthermore the high spatial resolution within enzyme application enhances the information output in standard blotting techniques such as Western and Eastern Blot. 

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