Technische Universität Wien
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Head of the group:
Ao. Prof. Dr. Gernot FRIEDBACHER

Tel. +43/1/58801-15110
Fax. +43/1/58801-915110

Research-Group Micro- and Nanoanalysis

The research group focuses on the application and development of scanning probe microscopy techniques (atomic force microscopy - AFM, scanning tunneling microscopy - STM) and electron probe x-ray microanalysis (EPXMA, scanning electron microscopy - SEM) for characterization of surfaces and surface processes on a wide variety of inorganic, organic, and biological materials.

Recent research topics 

  • Investigation of protein-protein interaction on the single molecule level
  • Investigation of conduction paths through degraded piezo materials
  • Investigation of nano-particles
  • Investigation of Self Assembled Monolayers



  • NanoScope V (Bruker) scanning probe microscope
  • Quanta 200 (FEI) scanning electron microscope with Genesis (EDAX) energy dispersive spectrometer
  • Digital light microscope (Leica)



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