Research Group Inorganic Trace Analysis
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Sampling via:

  • Laser: New Wave Research, 213 NWR Esi

  • Electrothermal vaporization: Spectral Systems, ETV 4000

  • Autosampler: ESI SC-2 DX

Thermo iCAP Q

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a robust and highly sensitive analytical method in inorganic trace analysis. With this technique, detection limits for most elements of the periodic table can be achieved down to the sub-ppt range (<ng / l). Another feature of the method is a high linear range. Besides complex qualitative and quantitative analytical tasks, ICP-MS also allows isotope analysis.

For details regarding the sample introduction devices used in combination with our ICP-MS system, follow the links on the right side of this page.

iCAP Q (Thermo Scientific) with ESI SC-2 DX autosampler for liquid samples

at the lab (october 2012)