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Head of the group:
Ao.Univ.Prof. Dr. Hans Lohninger

Tel. +43-1-58801-15150

Research Group Hyperspectral Imaging

Main Goals:

  • Multisensor Hyperspectral Imaging: multisensor imaging is a technique which allows to combine data of several spectroscopic methods into a single dataset
  • Algorithms for Feature Selection in Hyperspectral Imaging: high-dimensional data sets are implicitly prone to problems arising from the curse of dimensionality. One way to cope with this problem is to develop feature selection algorithms specifically tailored to the requirements of hyperspectral imaging.
  • Development of new approaches in THz imaging: THz Imaging is a spectroscopic technique which exploits both time domain and spectral information.
  • Development of Chemometric Algorithms for HSI: Sparsely populated data spaces require special considerations. One aspect is the combination of chemical and physical knowledge with statistical analysis (see spectral descriptors).
  • Support of researchers in the field of hyperspectral imaging based on Raman, ICP/MS, IR, THz and UV/VIS spectrsocopy


Published Papers


H. Lohninger, J. Ofner

Multisensor hyperspectral imaging as a versatile tool for image-based chemical structure determination.
Spectroscopy Europe Vol. 26 No. 5 (2014), 6-10, Download PDF

M. Bonta, H. Lohninger, M. Marchetti-Deschmann and A. Limbeck Application of gold thin-films for internal standardization in LA-ICP-MS imaging experiments.
Analyst 139 (2014) 1521
M. Bonta, H. Lohninger and A. Limbeck Internal Standards for LA-ICP-MS Imaging Experiments on Biological Samples.
Euroanalysis 17, Warsaw, Poland, 2013
W. Nischkauer, F. Vanhaecke, J. Lohninger and A. Limbeck Analysis of liquid foodstuffs and beverages by means of Dried-Droplet Laser Ablation ICP-OES.
European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry. Krakow, Poland, 2013
K. Wieland, C. Koch, M. El-Zahry, J. Ofner, H. Grothe, H. Lohninger, C. Herwig, B. Lendl Hyperspectral imaging of hyphae and spores of P. chrysogenum using confocal Raman spectroscopy and SERS
XXIV. International Conference on Raman Spectroscopie (ICORS 2014), Vienna, 2014
J. Ofner, K.A. Kamilli, E. Eitenberger, H. Lohninger, G. Friedbacher, B. Lendl, A. Held Hyperspectral Raman and SEM-EDX imaging of size-segregated aerosols, released above Australian salt lakes
XXIV. International Conference on Raman Spectroscopie (ICORS 2014), Vienna, 2014
J. Ofner, K.A. Kamilli, T. Deckert-Gaudig, H. Lohninger, A. Held, B. Bernhard, V. Deckert Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of nucleation-mode aerosol: New frontiers in chemical imaging of aerosol nano-particles
XXIV. International Conference on Raman Spectroscopie (ICORS 2014), Vienna, 2014