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Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption - MALDI



The Axima CFRplus is a very sensitive high vacuum MALDI mass spectrometer capable of analysing analytes at even very low concentrations. The curved field reflectron (CFR) enables effcient generation of post source decay (PSD) mass spectra mandatory for identifying analytes based on their fragmentation pattern. Working in continuous or  pulsed mode with a 337 nm N2 laser, the device has furthermore the possiblity to easily adapt the acceleration voltage (linear + 30 kV/- 20 kV, Reflektron + 25 kV/- 20 kV). Additionaly the CFRplus is equipped with a CovalX detector enabling the investigation of analytes in the MDa mass range.


Similar to the AXIMA CFRplus the AXIMA TOF2 is also a MALDI time of flight mass spectrometer working under high vacuum conditions and equipped with a UV laser.

However, the TOF2 is additionally featured with a collision cell enabling high energy collision (20 keV) of the analyte molecules with the collision gas. The induced fragment ions provide characteristic information regarding the analyte structure enabling identification of unknown compounds.

FLA 9000

Typhoon FLA 9000 is a versatile laser scanner for biomolecular imaging applications including sensitive and quantitative measurements of radioisotopic labels by storage phosphor, chemifluorescent Western blots, and multiplex fluorescence as well as digitization of colorimetric stains (e.g., Coomassie Blue and silver-stained gels). The system supports both 2-D Difference Gel Electrophoresis (DIGE) and Amersham Western blotting systems.