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Bruker nanoIR

This nearfield optical microscope allows to perform infrared spectroscopic analysis at a lateral spatial resolution of 20 nm (!). Details

Bruker Hyperion 3000


Bruker Hyperion 3000 microscope connected to a Bruker Tensor 37 equipped with an FPA detector with 64x64 pixels.

The Hyperion 3000 is an FTIR microscope that records infrared absorptions spectra of micrometer sized samples. The focal plane array detector (FPA) allows imaging with a high lateral resolution and low measurement times.

The Hyperion 3000 Attenuated total reflection lense allows to collect infrared images of samples at an even higher resolution while reducing interferences.

The Hyperion 3000 is used to image biological and medical samples, as well as gemstones and works of art. The combination of lateral and spectral information is important for complex analytical problems in these and many other analytical applications.

Bruker Vertex 70v and 80v


The Bruker Vertex 70v and Bruker Vertex 80v are high end FTIR spectrometers that have capabilities for liquid, solid and gas spectroscopy beyond those of standard FTIR spectrometers. They are used for high resolution gas spectroscopy, for high sensitivity spectroscopy of liquids and for time resolved measurements of QCL laser emissions. Step scan measurements can be done with a time resolution of 2ns.

WITec alpha300 RSA+

The WITec alpha 300 RSA+ allows confocal Raman spectroscopy/imaging while simultaneously recording AFM images. It is equipped with 4 lasers (488, 532, 633 and 785 nm) enabling investigation of a great variety of samples ranging from material sciences (ceramics, graphene, hydrogel, polymers, etc.) to aerosols and all kinds of biological samples (spores, bones, liposomes, tissue, etc.). Since lasers, microscope and spectrographs are all fiber-coupled, the system is very flexible in terms of measurement arrangement: Measurements can be conducted in top and bottom illumination, reflection and transmission. An additional True Surface® module enables the investigation of rough sample surfaces without losing the focus during Raman imaging. Furthermore, polarized Raman measurements can be performed e. g. for discovering the orientation of collagen fibrils. The WITec alpha300 RSA+ can also be used for single AFM measurements, SNOM imaging and it is TERS ready.


Qunatum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) are high powered, tunable infrared light sources. We have succesfully applied these novel light sources for liquid and gas spectroscopy. We use five Daylight Solutions External Cavity-QCLs (890 - 1240 cm-1, 1565 - 1729 cm-1, 1220 - 1280 cm-1, Hedgehog 1470 - 1800 cm-1,  1x MIRcat) as well as several custom made DFB (Alpes Laser) and Ring QCL (Institute of Solid State Electronics, TU Wien).

Through our close cooperation with the Institute of Solid State Electronics (TU Wien) we have gained considerable know-how in the characterisation of QCL light sources.

Horiba dispersive RAMAN microscope

This Raman microscope is used to collect vibrational spectra where FTIR microscopy would not be applicable due to high attenuation of the infrared light, and vice versa. Contamination free measurements can be performed using our ultra-sound levitator, highly sensitive measurements, up to single molecule detection, can be performed using resonant Raman and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) techniques.

PRUSA i3 MK3 3D-Printer

Our PRUSA i3 MK3 3D-Printer is used for rapid prototyping of sample holders, vial racks, sample cells, bottle fixtures, cuvette holders, small lab tools, funnel cones, ATR accessories,...

Dionex 3000 HPLC

Our HPLC is outfitted with an refractive index detector and an UV/VIS detector.

Best friend


Our best friend, the magic sleep time reduction machine. And his predecessors, who could not take the high repetition rates.