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Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs) and their characterization

Mid-IR QCLs are about to bring a radical change in the field of infrared spectroscopy. Due to their small size, high spectral power density and the fact that the emitting light is polarized and coherent, a variety of new possibilities to conduct chemical measurements based on mid-IR spectroscopy are possible. We try to be on the forefront of exploring these new possibilities in the areas of gas and liquid analysis as well as imaging of nanostructured samples. For this purpose we use distributed feedback QCLs, broadly tunable external cavity QCLs operated in pulsed or CW mode, as well as novel surface emitting ring structured QCLs. Prior to their use in our dedicated analysis systems, careful characterization of the lasers is carried out using modern step-scan FTIR spectroscopy with a spectral resolution of 0.07 wavenumbers and a time resolution of two nanoseconds.

Pulsed Fabry-Perot-QCL
Sine-wave modulated cw-DFB-QCL