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Protein Refolding monitored by Laser-based IR Spectroscopy (Master Thesis)

Background and Motivation

IR spectroscopy is an excellent method for studying dynamics of protein secondary structure. However, its low sensitivity has been prohibitive for monitoring of protein refolding from inclusion bodies, which is an important step in downstream bioprocessing. Recent advancements in laser-based IR spectroscopy provided enhancement in robustness and sensitivity which are necessary for performing these measurements.

Scope of the work

You will be working in the Lendl at TU Wien together with a multi-disciplinary team of PhD students and PostDocs. This master thesis will be conducted within an FWF project dedicated to the advancement and application of laser-based IR spectroscopy for analysis of proteins in bioprocesses. Your work consists of IR measurements of proteins to study their secondary structure changes upon denaturation and protein refolding. Measurements will be performed with a novel laser-based IR transmission setup.
The thesis combines tasks in FTIR spectroscopy, liquid handling and optimizing experiment design. Students interested in extending their skills in these fields and in creative experimenting are encouraged to get in contact with us!



  • Bachelor in Chemistry, Biomedical Engineering, or equivalent
  • Interest in instrumental analysis, spectroscopy, protein dynamics

Further Information


Dr. Andreas Schwaighofer

Prof. Bernhard Lendl