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Head of the group:
Ao.Prof. Dr. Anne KASPER-GIEBL

Tel. +43/1/58801-15130

Enviromental Analytics

 We focus on sampling and chemical analyses of atmospheric aerosols and trace gases in urban, rural as well as background environments. Chemical characterization of particulate matter includes the determination of the carbonaceous aerosols, biogenic constituents and macro molecular substances. Regarding source apportionment of atmospheric aerosols the contribution of wood smoke to ambient levels of particulate matter is one of our main research topics.

Research at high mountain sites, such as the Sonnblick Observatory, allows us to characterize background conditions above Europe and to identify long range transport of natural or anthropogenic pollution events. Furthermore this high alpine site represents an ideal platform to relate ambient air data to concentrations in cloud or fog water or wet precipitation to account for scavenging or deposition processes. 

Main research topics

  • Source apportionment of ambient aerosols 
  • Chemical analysis of carbonaceous aerosols
  • Wood smoke
  • Aerosol Monitoring at Sonnblick Observatory
  • Precipitation Chemistry in Austria
  • Indoor Air