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Head of the group:
Ao.Prof. Dr. Anne KASPER-GIEBL

Tel. +43/1/58801-15130


2014 3rd Workplace and Indoor Aerosols Conference

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1- Chemical and physical characterization of size resolved particles collected in a chemical engineering laboratory

2- Indoor air concentrations of particulate matter in different environments in Vienna, Austria

3- Chemical characterization of particulate matter samples collected within and outside of two schools in Vienna, Austria

2013 EAC PRAGUE - European Aerosol Conference

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1- Particulate Matter in Indoor Air in two Schools in Vienna, Austria

2- Thermal-optical analysis of elemental carbon (EC) in enviromental samples – differences observed when using various protocols

3- Winter particulate matter (PM10) sources for an Austrian-Slovenian border region

4- Characterization of particulate matter in Kraków, Poland

2013, 10-12 June, Mittersill, Salzburg, Austria

Aerosol measurements at the Sonnblick Observatory - On-line Identification of Long-Range Transport of Particulate Matter

2013 - European Geosciences Union General Assembly


1- Benzo(a)pyrene emitted during small-scale wood burning