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Head of the group:
Ao. Univ.Prof. Dr. Christian EDTMAIER


Tel. +43/1/58801-16135
Fax: +43/1/58801-916135

Aktuelle Arbeiten (Wahlpraktika, Bachelor- und Diplomarbeiten)

  • MMCs für thermal management Anwendungen (Diamant-Verbunde, C-Faser-Verbunde)
  • Grenzflächen-Engineering in Composite-Materialien
  • FGM functional graded composite materials
  • Wachstumsuntersuchungen von Nanowires/Nanoribbons auf Si-Wafern für Gas-Sensoren

!!! Die Arbeiten können jederzeit, auch in den Ferien, durchgeführt werden!!!

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"Best Teacher Award 2018" for Christian Edtmaier and the 1st place in the Oral-Poster Presentations at the 22nd Symposium on Composite Materials 2019 (Kaiserslautern) for Tobias Bauernfeind, Alexander Sebo, Manuel Schleiffelder and Christian Edtmaier!


The research group "Nano-Materials and Composites" within the Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics focuses its research on metallic composite materials (MMC's) for highest thermal conductivities and low CTE's thus implementing diamonds, C-Nanotubes or C-fibers, as well as other filament or particulate phases.
We mainly work with gas pressure assisted liquid metal infiltration and hot pressing methods to prepare our bulk samples and also focus on low temperature thermal properties (from 4 K to 300 K) of those composites.
The work furthermore concentrates on the "interface engineering" of composites (i.e. the interface between the matrix and the inclusions) to master the necessary heat transfer and transfer of stresses between the constituents. We apply wet chemical methods for the preparation of homogenous matrix/inclusion mixtures and thin surface layers on the surface of the inclusions ("molecular level mixing", "chemical mixing"). This opens the way to get highly homogeneous powder mixtures without applying classical PM-methods (like high-energy ball mixing) and to have the possibility to introduce reactive elements in low concentration to address the interfacial bonding between inclusions and matrix. In diamond MMCs we currently focus on the influence of surface termination of diamonds on the interface thermal conductance. Oxygenation of diamonds can be easily performed by immersing diamond powders in different acids.

Additionally recycling of valuable materials (hardmetals, precious metals, Mg-salts, composites) are of major thematic importance and a strong focus of the group. Almost 15 years of experience resulted in a number of applications, patents and papers.

All research is supplied and funded preliminary by industrial cooperation's, national public funded (e.g. AC2T, center of excellence for tribology) and international funded programs (EC FP6&7, European Space Agency ESA) respectively.