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Current team members:

Team leader


Thomas Konegger, Dipl.Ing. Dr.techn.


After completing his diploma studies in Technical Chemistry at TU Wien with a focus on chemistry and technology of materials in 2007, Thomas received his PhD in 2010, with a research focus on polymer-derived ceramics. He has worked as a university assistant until 2017. Since 2018, he is Assistant Professor for Structural Ceramics.

Publications and CV


PhD student


Johannes Rauchenecker, Dipl.-Ing. BSc.


Johannes first joined our group for his bachelor thesis in 2016, working on the control of porosity in SiCN-based ceramics, and also did his master thesis in the framework of the MICROPORE project, which he completed in June 2018.
In his PhD thesis, part of the ADDHANCE project, he investigates new approaches towards shaping of aluminum nitride ceramics.


PhD student


Johannes Eßmeister, Dipl.-Ing. BSc.


Johannes joined our team in October 2018 for his diploma thesis, which he carried out in the framework of an FWF/CDG-funded project in collaboration with the Unterlass Lab.
In March 2020, Johannes started with his PhD thesis, which contributes to the FFG-funded PolyCat3D project. Here, Johannes develops polymer-derived ceramics suitable for additive manufacturing.


PhD student


Katharina Rauchenwald, Dipl.-Ing. BSc.


Katharina joined us in January 2022 after receiving her Master's degree at TU Wien, having her thesis conducted at the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). Before changing to TU Wien, she received her BSc degree in Chemistry at University of Vienna. In her PhD thesis, which is part of the TU Wien Doctoral School CO2Refinery, Katharina explores templating methods to create porous ceramic frameworks for CO2 conversion processes.


Master student


Lisa Schachtner, BSc


Lisa joined us in September 2021 for her Master Thesis, where she investigates the chemical modification of preceramic polymers for prospective catalysis applications.


Master student


Thomas Nothnagel, BSc


Since joining our team for his MSc thesis in February 2022, Thomas has been investigating the suitability of porous non-oxide ceramics for their potential use in thermal energy storage.


Master student


Anna-Maria Fuchsberger, BSc


Anna-Maria, who joined our Ceramics team in March 2022, carries out her Master thesis, which aims at introducing mesoporosity into polymer-derived ceramic materials suitable for additive manufacturing techniques.


Former members and visitors:

Christina Drechsel (2021, PhD thesis: Micropore evolution in polymer-derived ceramics)

Thomas Nothnagel (2020, Bachelor thesis: Novel processing techniques for aluminum nitride ceramics)

Felix Frank (2020, Diploma thesis: Gas permeance characteristics of microporous polymer-derived ceramics)

Ivan Delic (2019, Bachelor thesis: Preparation and characterisation of porous Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramic Substrates (LTCC), in collaboration with Prof. Ulrich Schmid and Ali Hajian at TU Wien's Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems)

Konrad Bielecki (2019, Bachelor thesis: Effect of pH and concentration of etchant on the porosification of LTCC materials by wet chemical etching, in collaboration with Prof. Ulrich Schmid and Ali Hajian at TU Wien's Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems)

Nicholas Wakelnig (2019, Bachelor thesis: Production and characterization of highly porous alumina ceramics)

Ella Staufer (2019, Bachelor thesis: Investigation of the photoinduced cross-linking behavior of preceramic polymers)

Kirsten Rath (2019, Bachelor thesis: Influence of the photopolymerization process on characteristics of polymer-derived ceramics)

Matthias Nebel (2019, Diploma thesis: Modification of preceramic polymers and investigation of their porosity development)

Samuel Stelzl (2019, Bachelor thesis: Molecular mixing of oxide precursors via freeze-drying)

Johannes Maschke (2019, Bachelor thesis: Development of sol-gel-based titanate layers for molecular diagnostics, supported by Dr. Klemens Wassermann, AIT)

Veronika Hartinger (2018, Bachelor thesis: Generation of secondary porosity in freeze-cast ceramics)

Gregor Mikl (2018, Diploma thesis: Photopolymerization-assisted freeze-templating of polymer-derived ceramics)

Eva Szoldatits (2018, Bachelor thesis: Modification of the pore morphology in freeze-cast ceramics, supported by Philipp Baloh and Prof. Hinrich Grothe)

Arnaud Luvisutto (2018, Visiting student from IUT Bordeaux 1; Development and characterization of porous ceramic materials)

Dominik Brouczek (2018, Diploma thesis: Casting of open-porous Si3N4-based structures with tubular geometry)

Yiji Lin (2018, Bachelor thesis: Mesoporous polysilazane-derived ceramics)

Georg Ebmer (2018, Bachelor thesis: Preparation and characterization of an amperometric oxygen sensor)

Thomas Prochaska (2017, Diploma thesis: Porous Si3N4-based Support Materials with tailored Gas Permeability)

Julian Leiner (2017, Bachelor thesis: Pore modification in alumina ceramics)

Toni Bakovic (2017, Bachelor thesis: Fabrication of porous ceramics by phase separation)

Lucille Bornowsky (2017, Visiting student from IUT Bordeaux 1; Deposition of polymer-derived ceramic layers on porous substrates)

Barbara Osinger (2017, Joint Bachelor thesis with Nanomaterials Group: Preparation and characterization of porous metal/ceramic composites)

Elisabeth Rauchenwald (2016, Diploma thesis: Process development in additive manufactured ceramics (collaboration with Lithoz GmbH); 2013, Bachelor thesis: Polysilazane-derived supports)

Johannes Rauchenecker (2016, Bachelor thesis: Porosity control in SiCN ceramics)

Yann Rakotomalala (2016, Visiting student from IUT Bordeaux 1; Mechanical properties of advanced ceramics)

Arne Ziebell (2012-2015, Project member in collaboration project with SKF Österreich GmbH)

Marko Schefberger (2015, Bachelor thesis: Development of open-porous PDC structures)

Solenn Oudin (2015, Visiting student from IUT Bordeaux 1; PDC processing)

Anna Winiwarter (2013, Bachelor thesis: Open-porous cellular structures based on polysilazane)

Dominik Brouczek (2013, Bachelor thesis: Influence of the reaction bonding process in mullite-based cellular structures)

Peter Schneider (2013, Diploma thesis: Surface modification of fillers in PDCs)

Clément Robillard (2013, Visiting student from IUT Bordeaux 1; Fiber-reinforced PDCs)

Birgit Achleitner (2013, Bachelor thesis: Macrocellular mullite-based ceramics from preceramic polymers)

Bernhard Kohlhauser (2013, Bachelor thesis: Investigation of filler-matrix-interactions in macrocellular polymer-derived ceramics)

Klaus Kirschbaum (2012, Diploma thesis, cooperation with Rath AG)

Viktor Bauer (2012, Bachelor thesis: Development of processing strategies for the preparation of PDC/filler composites)

Saskia Kührer (2012, Bachelor thesis: Preparation and characterization of AZS-ceramics with preceramic binders)

Lukas Veiter (2012, Bachelor thesis: Material property evaluation of ceramics using the impulse excitation technique)

Valentin Sireyx (2012, Visiting student from IUT Bordeaux 1; Macrocellular ceramics)

Ralph Ranzinger (2012, Bachelor thesis: Filler pretreatment in PDCs)

Stefan Marschnigg (2011, Bachelor thesis: Preparation and characterization of SiOC/Al2O3 and SiOC/ZrO2 ceramics)

Miriam Singer (2011, Bachelor thesis: Preparation and characterization of SiAlON-reinforced PDCs)

Aleksandr Mikhalskiy (May 2011, Visiting Scientist from OVGU Magdeburg)

Silke Kütäubel (2010, Diploma thesis: Microparts from polysilazane-derived ceramics)

Alexander Schmid (2010, Bachelor thesis: Polysiloxane-based macrocellular ceramics)

Christoph Buchegger (2009, Bachelor thesis: Processing optimization of PDCs)

Mario Lessiak (2009, Bachelor thesis: Development and optimization of a slip-casting technique for obtaining PDCs)