FG Hochleistungskeramik
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PDC processing

  • Glove box (inert atmosphere)
  • Low-temperature cross-linking furnace with inert gas connection
  • Dip-coater (Arduino-based)
  • Three-zone tube furnace (Tmax = 1100 °C) with inert gas purification system


Colloidal and powder processing

  • Planetary centrifugal mixer ("Thinky")
  • Ball mills
  • Attrition mills (with various lining materials)
  • Laboratory-scale spray drier (for aqueous and non-aqueous solutions/dispersions)
  • Lab press with cold-isostatic tool and various uniaxial dies
  • Freeze-casting and freeze-drying setup
  • Rheometer


Thermal treatment and consolidation

  • Hot press (Tmax = 2200 °C; vacuum, Ar, N2)
  • various low- and high-temperature box furnaces (Tmax = 1700 °C; air)
  • various tube furnaces (Tmax = 1400 °C; N2, Ar,...)



  • Ceramographic preparation and microstructural investigation
  • Density determination (helium pycnometry, density and porosity according to EN 993-1)
  • Pore size analysis (Mercury intrusion porosimetry)
  • Mechanical properties (hardness, micro hardness, 4-point flexural test according to EN 843-1, Young's modulus, KIc via indenter method, compressive strength,...)
  • Evaluation of gas permeability of tubular and planar specimens
  • Determination of thermal shock resistance


as well as further investigational techniques available at the institute (e.g. thermal analysis, dilatometry, surface roughness determination, SEM, XRF, XRD,...)