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Head of Division:

Assoc. Prof. Christian GIERL-MAYER

Tel.: +43 / 1 / 58801 / 16129


Research Division "Chemical Technologies"

Slogan: "Chemistry - Technology - Materials"

The thematic focus of the Division Chemical Technologies can be summarized by the keyword "Powdermetallurgy", covering the preparation and characterization of specialty materials from micro-, and nanostructured metallic and ceramic powders and fibres - sintersteel for precision parts, refractory metals for lighting technology, hardmetals for the metal-working, and stone machining, high performance ceramics, as well as metal matrix composites (MMCs). The division is especially proud on it's expertise in hardmetals/cemented carbides and powdermetallurgy respectively since the early 1960'ies .
Other topics concern the preparation of coatings, especially from diamond and hard coatings on tools.
The recovery of valuable metallic compounds by hydro-, and pyrometallurgical means is another important focus in research and teaching, as well as materials investigations in case of damages or corrosion.

Main Research Topics

  • Powdermetallurgy of Ferrous, Non-Ferrous Metals and Composite Materials respectively
  • Hardmetals/cemented carbides, Cermets and Ceramics
  • Diamond Deposition
  • Powder Technology, Production, Processing, Machinability
  • Nanotechnology: Powders, Coatings, Nanotubes, MMCs
  • Recycling and Recovery of Valuable Materials

Research Groups